Allow me to take you back 10 years back in history of Nokia. In the second quarter of 2002, Nokia released Nokia 7650 smartphone. It was notable as the first Nokia with built-in camera. Even though it had only 0.3MP camera, this was a major improvement towards camera phones.

Nokia 7650 Picture taken with Nokia 7650
And now 10 years later Nokia shocked the world by releasing a massive 41MP Nokia 808 Pure View!!Yes that’s 41MP in a phone. This powerful phone with almost wall see-through, bird eye zoom function and very detailed imaging camera feature the Pure View Pro. An imaging technology that use the combination of a 1/1.2 large, very high resolution 41Mpix with high performance Carl Zeiss optics. The large sensor enables pixel oversampling, which means the combination of many pixels into one perfect pixel. Pure View imaging technology delivers high image quality, lossless zoom, and improved low light performance. This is the phone the universe is talking about!

Nokia 808 Pure View Picture taken with Nokia 808 Pure View

Nokia this time had taken the pixel fight to an unbelievable level. We find ourselves with more questions than answers about what other phone giants will respond.
Will other manufacturers decide to take Nokia head on and try to beat the 41Mpix record?
Will competitors decide not to challenge the 41Mpx and focus on other technical specifications?
Is it time for the Nokians to proudly take pictures in public and see owners of competitors phones hide their phones in shame?
Is Nokia satisfied with the amount of pixels in the Pure View or they have future plans to release even a more powerful camera phone?
Is it time for Nokia to give Samsung and Apple a run for their money by branching into the tablet industry?
Written by Justice, Owner of http://www.nokia4life.com