Nokia has confirmed that it will PureView technology mechanisms for Windows Phone in the near future.

Technology unveiled PureView PureView 41MP, which hold 808 Nokia MWC 2012, and almost immediately the Finnish company and confirmed that he was eager to develop an advanced camera technology on devices in the future.

808 was considered “confirms our significant investments in Symbian in the short term” by Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia smart devices, it is quite clear that the phone is to get the Windows PureView technology in the near future .

Harlow also said that Nokia can use Symbian as a field test of technology phone camera market before bringing it to other devices, said:

He said, “We worked on this technology for some time, with the intention of marketing to mature and take it in our portfolio.

“We wanted to make 808 PureView recognized as the best smartphone camera in the world, and our team has designed a great job they are doing this.”

Appointed PureView Nokia launch date in the UK of 808 for the month of May, when can we expect that consumers were happy with a 5MP phone to begin to merge as well.

CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia has also suggested that the new phones and windows were to be launched later this year, so we expect to see fancy camera phones on the Microsoft platform before 2013 rolls around.